Direct Logistics is proud to provide mailing industry and  logistic leaders access to resources that we find helpful  in understanding industry needs, news, and relative  compliance details.  Our solutions help your organizations  transportation logistic needs in the areas of Less  Than Truck Load (LTL), Truck Load Consolidation, Cross  Dock facility optimization, and other specialized tools to improve logistics services within your organization.

As with any industry, the Direct Mail, Postal, and  Logistics industries experience constant change and emerging challenges.  Success requires continual evaluation and optimization of your business model to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maintain competitiveness; not to  mention keeping abreast of regulations, compliance, and other critical industry issues.

With so much information so readily available, how do you separate fact  from fiction and reality from opinion? DLI hopes to help answer these and many other questions by sharing links and resources we generally use to  stay informed and up to date.  We hope you can find  these links meaningful and informative; and if you have other links you feel would be valuable additions to our link collection, please let us know via our Contact page.

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