Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose For Trucking Mail To Post Offices?

Not only do you pay lower postage rates but the mailing should be in-home faster. See the Logistics Services section for more details.

Do All Classes Of Mail Qualify For The Destination Entry Postage Discounts?

At this time, all classes of mail qualify except First Class. Direct Logistics specializes in the trucking of Advertising Mail (also called Standard Mail or 3rd Class mail).

Does Direct Logistics Use Their Own Trucks?

No. We utilize performance-based Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) common carriers and dedicated Truckload (TL) carriers to provide this service.

How Do I Know Where My Mail Is After Carrier Pickup?

Direct Logistics provides you with daily shipment tracing updates electronically with Truck Direct Mail or by fax and e-mail.

Is The Mailing Prepared Any Different If We Decide To Truck It?

The traying or sacking of the mail does not change. You will need to follow the Domestic Mail Manual requirements for palletization. The trays or sacks must be palletized based on the destination postal facilities. See how it works or call your local postal representative for more details.

Is There Any Additional Paperwork Required To Truck Mail?

Yes. A Postal Form 8125 must be completed and round-stamped by the USPS for each shipment prior to carrier pickup. Also see how it works for more details.

How Do I Pay For The Services Provided By Direct Logistics?

Our payment terms are Net 30 Days. Early payment discounts are also available.