Commingle Beta Program!

If you’re interested in becoming a beta user of Direct Logistics’ new Commingle program, please complete the simple form below and we’ll contact you directly for additional details.

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Direct logistics and a national commingle mail services –
A winning combination!

While virtually all standard class mail is eligible for destination entry drop ship postage discounts, not all mail qualifies for these discounts. This is typically due to low density regions where there is simply not enough mail moving to a particular area. Traditionally, this mail was entered locally as “residual or non-destination” mail and no postage savings were realized. DirectComingle can help mailers obtain postage savings even on non-dest mail.

“Commingling” blends metered, indicia, and stamped non-dest mail from multiple mailers to achieve the required densities for postal drop-shipping. And while the net postage savings to each mailer are lower than fully qualified drop-shipping, savings are nonetheless still available, as are all the other benefits of destination entry drop shipping.

DirectCommingle leverages Direct Logistics web Insight software solution in combination with the nationwide footprint of our preferred commingle provider to help mailers across the country maximize postage savings on every piece of mail produced.

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