Logistic Service Solutions

Since our beginning in 1994, DLI has moved of over 15 billion pieces of mail, helping our customers and their end clients save over $400 million in postage.

As one of the leading logistics companies for the direct the mail industry, DLI has built a reputation on easy-to-use web-based solutions, exceptional customer support, and consistent delivery services. In fact, DLI has achieved a 99.1% on-time arrival record for the past 6 years.

Destination Entry Postal Drop Shipping

Postal Drop Shipping is a procedure whereby large, standard class mailings are prepared for direct entry into regional USPS postal facilities. DLI provides theĀ  specialized logistics service for physically moving this mail from its origin point (such as a printer or lettershop) to a destination postal facility (NDC or SCF). To do this, DLI offers two primary services: Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload Consolidation. Additional services, such as expedited (air freight) shipping is also available.

One of the most important factors in determining the cost effectiveness of postal drop shipping is the Net Savings you realize. Quite simply, net savings equals the total destination entry postage discount you receive, minus the cost of shipping your mail. As one of the nation’s leading postal drop shippers, DLI leverages exceptionally high shipping volumes, decades of experience optimizing shipments, and a well established carrier network, to keep your shipping rates low and your Net Savings high.

Direct Commingle

Become a beta customer of DLI’s latest service expansion combines drop-ship logistics with our partner’s nationwide footprint of mail commingling facilities. This service association is unique in the direct mail industry and will help make destination entry postage savings a reality for many companies and mailings that have not been able to take advantage of these savings before. Click here to learn more.

Other Services

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